About Water Meter Replacement

Water meters are an integral fixture on all properties and in most instances, these features last for a number of years. But there are certain situations in which water meter replacement may be required and you may need to hire an experienced licensed plumber in Sydney to inspect the installation thoroughly to identify where the problem lies. The experts at SPS Plumbers have put together some useful information that will help you determine whether you need to replace the water meter on your property or not.

Signs that your water meter needs replacement

  1. Your water bills are excessively high

If you feel that your water bill is too high compared to your consumption, there’s a good chance the water meter is functioning erratically. The aspect to keep in mind is that once the meter begins to give the incorrect reading, you will just end up paying higher bills each month.

  1. Your meter is more than 15-years old

Water meters can begin to work erratically and provide an inaccurate reading over time. If the meter on your property is over 15 years old, its time get it replaced. It may be costing you money without you realizing it. If it’s over two decades old, you’d have to get it replaced regardless of whether you want to or not. If you move into an older house, it’s important that you check the age of the meter to identify whether it needs replacing.

  1. You prefer to get real-time readings

If you are very conscious about the amount of water you consume and want a record of how much water your household is consuming, you may want to consider replacing the older standard water meter with a smart water meter. This installation will provide real-time information whenever you need to access its. It’s a great way to keep a closer eye on your water consumption.

  1. If it’s a shared water meter

If you live in a multi-unit apartment, you might have to share a single water meter with the other tenants and this could cause a lot of problems for all the people involved. If you want to be sure that you are paying only for the amount of water you use, you should consider getting a separate meter installed.

Water meter replacement isn’t something you can entrust to a novice. We at SPS Plumbers are one of the leading companies in this space and can help you with all the information you need about water meter replacement and what’s involved. We cater to both commercial and residential customers and handle every job expertly at very cost-effective pricing.

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