Basic Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Basic Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink sees a considerable amount of use almost every single day. This also means it suffers a great deal of wear and tear. While these installations are quite tough and hardy, they can sometimes start functioning in an erratic manner or even stop working completely. Garbage disposal repair isn’t something a novice can handle and it’s important to call in a local plumber to get it fixed.

At times, the problems in the garbage disposal are caused by misuse, while at others they are caused by overuse. If you aren’t careful in the manner you use the garbage disposal, it can malfunction and you would need to call for emergency plumbing services. While a good plumbing company will be able to provide excellent services and fix the problem, it’s a much better idea to maintain the garbage disposal well.

Garbage disposal maintenance tips

Keeping this installation clean and following these basic tips can help improve the efficiency of the fixture and increase its longevity:

  • Never try to discard bones from meats, into the sink- they are too tough for the system to handle. However, it’s definitely a good idea to occasionally grind egg shells or fine fish bones and soft chicken bones in the garbage disposal. This helps keep the inner walls of the installation clean as these bits have a scouring action.
  • Things like potato peels are extremely starchy; when they are ground in the disposal, they turn into a paste that can clog the garbage disposal and stress its mechanism.
  • It’s important to run a bit of cold water into the sink before as well as after you have activated the garbage disposal. This helps the grounded bits of food to easily pass through the drain. It’s a common misconception that pouring hot water into it will help clear clogs by loosening the grime and grease. While the grease will melt down and flow down the drain, it will also then settle at some point and start building a clog there. In comparison, when you pour cold water into the garbage disposal, the grease accumulated there gets hardened and the system breaks it down into bits that get eliminated from the system once water has been run over it.
  • If you have to discard larger bits of any food, you should chop them up into smaller, more manageable bits, before you put them into the garbage disposal. This helps reduce the stress on the system.
  • It’s best not to discard celery, artichokes and asparagus or any other fibrous items such as banana peels into it- the fibres tend to get entangled within the blades and affect the working of the system.

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