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How Does a Licensed Sydney Plumber Conduct Water Leaks Detection

Most water leaks can be spotted quite quickly as you can see the water stains in various areas like ceilings and walls. Sometimes, the flooding and seepage are very evident, and you may notice water pooling in different indoor and outdoor areas of your home. However, it isn’t always that easy to spot water leakages because many plumbing fixtures are behind walls or enclosed under some structures.

This is when water leak detection may become very difficult for property owners. We at SPS Plumbers understand the challenges that property owners face and provide reliable and efficient Water Leak Detection services to commercial and residential clients. We use the latest technology and tools in our work and make sure you get value for money.

If you have noticed any signs of a leak or are suddenly paying very high water bills without excess usage, call us without delay. We are prompt in our response and will make sure that the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. We also offer emergency plumbing services in case there is sudden flooding on your property, from burst or leaking plumbing installations.

Causes of Water Leaks

Many different things can cause water leakage. Most plumbing installations are quite durable and resilient and don’t suffer damage. However, it’s a good idea to be watchful and aware of what causes water leaks.

  • Outdated plumbing systems can spring leaks without warning.
  • Iron pipes may corrode and crack over time resulting in leakages.
  • Excavation and repair work can sometimes result in pipe leaks as contractors may inadvertently damage these installations.
  • Improper grading in the outdoor spaces can place pressure on underground plumbing fixtures and cause breaks and cracks in the pipes.

Spotting Water Leaks

If you are paying excessive water bills with no change in water usage pattern or have noticed some signs of a leak, these are the steps to follow:

  • Locate the main water meter on your property and shut it off.
  • Shut off all the taps and plumbing installations in your home.
  • Take the water meter reading.
  • Wait for about an hour and recheck the reading on the water meter. If there is a change, it means there could be a leak in the installations leading to your home.

When the plumbing professionals come in to fix water leaks, they will use techniques and tools such as:

  • Physical & visual inspections
  • Ground microphones
  • CCTV cameras
  • Sonic leak detection device

Using these will give them a good idea of the cause and location of the leak, and they will use appropriate measures to fix the problem.

We at SPS offer prompt and efficient plumbing services and can fix all types of leaks, big and small. For any information about our full range of plumbing solutions, feel free to call SPS Plumbers on 02 9002 7332, and our email is You can also fill the contact us form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What Types of General Plumbing Services Can a Plumber Handle?

Plumbing problems can surface at any time and in some cases, without any warning. This makes it important for you to have on hand, the number of a skilled and licensed plumber in Sydney. When any plumbing issue arises, you need to be sure that the plumbing professional will respond promptly and be at your location within the stipulated time.
In some cases, you may need emergency plumbing services and it’s a good idea to make sure the company also provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services. While all of these are important aspects to check, in most instances you may need a plumber for general plumbing. Our expert team of plumbing professionals can handle all types of general plumbing jobs skilfully. We cater to residential, commercial, strata and industrial customers.
Types of general plumbing services
We at SPS Plumbers provide timely and cost-effective general plumbing services such as:
• Gas Fitting- We can install, repair and maintain all types of gas systems on your property. No job is to complex or too small and you can rest assured that you will get the type of gas installation you can rely on.
• Leak Detection & Repair- It’s never a good idea to wait for a leak to get aggravated. Call us the minute you notice any type of water leak signs. We use advanced technology to detect leaks and fix them before they spiral out of control.
• Hot water services- We can provide you all the information you need about the different types of hot water systems available and what their pros and cons are. Once you have made your decision, we will install and maintain the systems for you. If you need any hot water repair services, we can provide those as well.
• Backflow Prevention Device installation- Don’t let backflow contaminate the water supply on your property. We can install specialised Thermostatic Mixing Valves that are effective in protecting your water supply from backflow and ensure it stays safe and drinkable.
In addition to these, we can handle all types of toilet and shower plumbing repairs, faucet and pipe leaks and more. We are very professional in our approach to our work and carry all the plumbing tools and basic features in our service vehicles. This helps us complete the work efficiently and in a timely manner.
How SPS Plumbing provides excellent services
There are a number of reasons why we are a great choice for all your plumbing needs such as:
• We have over 15 years of industry experience behind us
• Our company is fully licensed and insured
• We provide a prompt response and customised solutions
• Cost-effective services
• Upfront and honest quote
For any type of general plumbing services, we are the experts to call. For any information about these and other services, free to call SPS Plumbers on 02 9002 7332 and our email is You can also fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Hire Professional Plumbers For Water Leak Detection?

Most times, it’s easy to spot water leaks; they can leave stains and mar the appearance of the ceilings and walls in your home. If the leak is severe, it can cause pooling of water or even flooding. But certain leaks aren’t as easily noticeable because they are minor and the damage they have caused isn’t evident in the initial stages. A disproportionately high water bill is one of the most common signs of a water leak and it’s important to hire a licensed plumber in Sydney for water leak detection.
We at SPS Plumbers are one of the leading plumbing companies in the region and provide excellent leak detection and leak repair services to both residential and commercial customers. While it may not always be possible to notice a water leak when it first starts, it’s important to know what causes leaks in the first place; that can help you prevent them from surfacing.
Leak detection- the causes
A well-planned plumbing system that has been installed by experts won’t throw problems very often, but there are many different reasons why a water pipe will begin to leak such as:
• If the metal pipes on your property are decades old, they can corrode and eventually begin to leak. If you know that the pipes are very old, it’s best to get them tested and replaced as required.
• Sometimes, high water pressure that goes undetected can result in a lot of pressure on the pipe and cause it to crack. As part of our regular preventive plumbing maintenance services we check all plumbing installations and provide water pressure checks as well. Fixing the water regulator at the point where the main water pipe enters your property can help prevent this problem and reduces the chances of a water pipe leak as well.
• Poorly installed plumbing or poor quality pipes can also give way and wear out too soon and cause a leak.
• Sometimes, the pressure of the earth and shifting soil in the outdoor areas of your property can cause the plumbing joints and lines to break or crack. This problem is generally a result of improper grading in the landscaping on a property and should be fixed without delay.
Professional water leak detection services
As mentioned at the outset, there are times when some leaks are evident when they first occur and if you notice a problem, it’s important to call us without delay. We use the latest leak detection tools such a sonic leak detection devices and ground microphones to identify where the problem lies and will fix it without delay.
We make sure that the best materials and workmanship are used in the project and provide guarantees for our work. For any information about our general plumbing services, feel free to call SPS Plumbers on 02 9002 7332 and our email is You can also fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Many water leaks can be easily spotted. They leave behind ugly water stains on your walls, cause flooding, or leave your landscape ground soggy and wet. However, other leaks aren’t as easily discernable, especially in the early stages where the damage caused is minimal. The only sign you have of a water leak is a sudden surge in your water bill. If you water consumption is unchanged but you receive a large bill at the end of the month, you need to call us at SPS Plumbers for water leak detection help.
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