Common Causes of Burst & Leaking Pipes

People who live in regions that experience harsh winters are accustomed to dealing with plumbing problems like burst pipes. But the coldest winters in Australia are mild compared regions in the Northern Hemisphere and we don’t have to worry about water in the pipes freezing and expanding. When pipes burst or leak, it largely isn’t related to the weather at all. We at SPS Plumbers have the expertise to handle all types of plumbing problems and have handled a large number of burst pipe repairs over the years. Here are some common reasons why pipes burst:
• Rust- Most older homes have pipe installations made of metal and these have a tendency to corrode over time. The pipes become weakened and the pressure of the water flowing through them causes them to crack or burst. This is why new builds generally have copper or PVC pipes. The former have very good rust-resistant properties which makes them ideal for these installations.
• Poorly-installed pipes- At times, pipes burst because they have been installed very poorly. Sometimes the plumbers that handle the installation hurry the job to ensure the work is completed within a set deadline, or they quote lower rates to get a particular job and end up using substandard materials.
• Hard water problems- Water generally has some minerals in it; these minerals are present in very negligible amounts and don’t affect the quality of the water or make it unsuitable for drinking. However, of the water has excessive levels of magnesium or calcium, that can make it taste very bad and can result in build-up along the inner walls of the pipes. This can slow down the flow of water and accelerate corrosion which eventually leads to a burst pipe. At times the soldering isn’t polished as it should be and that leaves weak points around the installation.
The signs to look out for
Homeowners need to be mindful of how the plumbing systems in their house are performing. They need to act quickly when something goes wrong to prevent the problem from aggravating. Some signs of burst pipes and leaking pipes are:
• Water damage on walls and ceilings
• Sometimes, you may only notice stains on the ceilings
• Brownish water coming from pipes
• Water in the pipes has an odd odour or taste. This could indicate a mineral build-up inside the pipes which can speed up corrosion.
• Drop in water pressure
If you have noticed any of these signs, its best to call a licensed plumber in Sydney without delay. The professional will visit your location, inspect all the pipes thoroughly and identify whether there is a pipe burst or leak anywhere on your property. We at SPS Plumbers provide excellent burst and leaking pipes repairs and other plumbing services.
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