Common Causes of Severe Blocked Drains

Common Causes of Severe Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems plumbing companies in Australia have to address. These issues have to be dealt with immediately as a blocked drain creates a backup of water in sinks and toilets. We at SPS Plumbers provide fast and reliable services for all types of plumbing problems.

Why do drains become blocked?

There are many causes that lead to drains blocks such as food, hair and other foreign objects. All of this can be prevented by calling experts to deal with such situations as soon as they crop up. Blocked drains could be caused by:

  • Hair – it may not seem like hair could be a reason for drains getting blocked. However, even something so seeming light can accumulate over time, and cause a blockage and could clog the pipes completely. When you shower, hair can slide down into the drain and build up slowly. Over time this causes a major problem. While there are some products on the market that you could use to prevent these clogs, it’s important to hire a plumber for regular drain cleaning.
  • Fat and grease- These materials cause the kitchen drains to clog mostly. Food scraps, soap and dirty water flow down the pipe and solidifies the fats and grease making the clog difficult to get rid of. Using homemade drain cleaning agents and pouring hot water into the drains can help prevent blocked drains.
  • Small objects- Common objects such as bottle caps, soaps, too much tissue, toys and other items can result in block drains. Young children tend to lose their toys by flushing them down accidentally. While this may not result in a block right away, over a period of time, these foreign objects begin to cause a build-up which eventually results in blocked drains.
  • Tree roots- The roots of trees located on your property sometimes infiltrate underground sewer pipes via minute cracks. Over time these grow and create a net of sorts, in which all debris from the sewage water collects, creating a clog. These are very stubborn blocks that result in backflow in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and shower and bathtub
  • Improper plumbing installation- Clogged drains are also a result of poor plumbing fixtures in your property. Old pipes that are made of materials like clay cannot withstand the extreme water pressure and tend to crack, this can eventually lead to blocked drains. Poor plumbing work can also result in clogged drains.

As you can see there are a number of causes of blocked drains. The best way to avoid such these problems is to call in a 24/7 emergency plumbing services Sydney company before the condition deteriorates and causes additional problems and expenses.

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