Common Plumbing Problems In Toilets

Common Plumbing Problems In Toilets

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to find themselves faced with a plumbing emergency related to their baths and toilets. When it happens, the most important thing is to call a skilled and efficient plumber to deal with the problem.

People rarely realise that plumbing fixtures and installations suffer wear and tear due to constant use and contact with water. We use toilets day in and day out but overlook any signs of malfunctioning till a serious problem crops up. No wonder, we end up forking-out a tidy sum to fix the problem.

Toilet-Related Plumbing Issues

We at SPS Plumbers know from experience that toilet problems as the most commonly faced plumbing issues on residential properties. Here we take a look at these problems and how to solve them.

  • Partially Working Flush – When a flush does not release the water completely though the flush action is strong, it can be due to some problem in the working of the flapper valve of the flush system. The flapper is fixed in such a way that it stays at the upper level till 80% of the water drains out with force from the flush tank. If less water gets drained out, it may be due to the flapper dropping faster than it should. You should call a licensed plumber in Sydney to replace the flapper.
  • Flusher Working Erratically – A flush is an overused part of the plumbing system in a toilet and after a while may not function as properly as it should. Many toilets have hard water, and the deposits from the water affect the proper working of the flush mechanism. Muriatic acid is used to deal with this problem. It is necessary to allow acid to remain in the flush tank for 30 minutes and to ensure sufficient ventilation in the bathroom when the acid is used. This improves the flush mechanism.
  • Water leakage from the tank- When the water in the flush tank starts dripping continuously, the problem can be traced to the tank-fill valve. You need a skilled plumber to attend to this complex problem. Before you hire a plumber to fix this issue, ensure that they has the special training in handling tank-fill valve problems to ensure the best possible results.
  • Low Water Level In The Toilet Bowl- Whenever you find that the water level in the toilet bowl is lower than normal, call a plumber to check for a clog in the system. This clog can be removed by using a plunger or an auger, but not always. If a crack in the toilet is the cause of the low water level, replacing the toilet bowl is the only .

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