Common Toilet Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

Common Toilet Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

It’s very common for plumbing issues to arise when you least expect them to. And when that occurs, your only concern is to ensure that the problem gets fixed without delay. The main reason why plumbing fixtures and installations do break down over time is because they see a significant amount of wear and tear. In most instances there are some tell-tale signs of trouble that we tend to ignore; eventually the problems get aggravated and you end up spending a significant amount of money on fixing them.

Common toilet plumbing problems

We at SPS Plumbers  have seen that toilet related problems are some of the most common plumbing issues  that property owners have to deal with. Take a look at what these are and how they can be fixed:

  • Flusher doesn’t work properly- The flush is one plumbing component that gets used extensively in a home and there could be times when it dysfunctions. There are times when flush issues are caused by hard water and the deposits impact the working of the mechanism. You can use muriatic acid to deal with this problem. Just make sure that there is a sufficient amount of ventilation in your bathroom when you are using this method. Allow the acid to remain for at least 30 minutes and then use the flush; this improves the working of the mechanism.
  • Flush works partially- If the flush action is strong but it doesn’t work completely, there could some waterlogging in the system’s flapper valve; and it may be dropping faster than it should. Typically, the valve should and stay at the upper level until 80% of the water drains from the tank. If it drops much before that, it’s time to call in a licensed plumber in Sydney and get the flapper replaced.
  • Low water level in the toilet bowl- If you find that the water level in the toilet bowl has dropped, there could be a clog in the system. At times all it takes to clear the clog is a plunger or an auger. However, a crack in the toilet may be creating the problem as well. If that is the problem, replacing the bowl is the only solution that would work.
  • Water dripping from the tank- If the water from the tank is constantly dripping, the problem may lie with the tank-fill valve. This repair job can be a little complex and you would have to call in a skilled plumber to fix the issue. When you are hiring a plumber ensure you hire someone with experience and a good reputation. This will ensure your work gets done in the best possible way.

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