DIY solutions to unblock shower drains

DIY solutions to unblock shower drains

A blocked shower drain is everyday problem. Very often, it is partially blocked but in many cases, shower drains get blocked completely creating a big mess in your bathroom. The best way to get rid of such problems is to unblock drain when the water is draining slowly instead of waiting for day when it worsens. Professional plumbers like us have the required tools and know the right techniques that will clear off the blockage within minutes. However, if you choose to do it yourself, here are some common methods that you may try at home to unblock drains, especially shower drains.

  • The first thing that you should do when you have blocked drains is to identify what is causing the blockages. Usually, shower drains get blocked due to a build-up of hair and soap scum. Unscrew the cover of the drain and see if there are hairs inside. Use a coat hanger or a plier to pullout the hairs. Of course you will not enjoy this process but very often, it is the best way to unblock drains.
  • In case the blockage is still there, you have to use a plunger for clearing the blockages. A cup type plunger is highly recommended for shower drains. While using this tool, make sure you do not use any chemical as chances are there that the water will splatter all over your body. Cover the drain with the cup of the plunger. Have sufficient water in the bath tray so that the cup is just submerged. The water level should not be above the cup’s head or else it will spatter all over. 
  • Plunge the plunger up and down for 20-30 second. Keep the handle straight or else the pressure will reduce and you will not be able to unblock drain. Remove the plunger and see if the water has started draining. If the drainage has improved, repeat a few more times till the water starts draining properly.
  • If you are not able to unblock drain using a plunger, call us immediately and we will be right there at your doorsteps to examine what went wrong. If you still prefer DIYing, you may try using an auger.
  • Insert auger down the drain till it reaches something that is probably blocking the water. Hit it with the auger a few times. Try putting a little force so that the clog clears up. If the clog is not breaking, try hooking on the clog and pulling it out. 

If all these methods fail, we suggest you not to try any more DIYing and call a professional plumber immediately. DIYing doesn’t work for severely blocked drains.  Call us 02 9002 7332 to know about our plumbing services.

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