Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips 

Garbage disposals tend to see a significant amount of wear and tear as they are used on an almost daily basis. While problems do arise in these installations, it’s always a good idea to prevent these from occurring in the first place. That can save you a considerable amount of time, trouble and expense. Here are some simple tips from the experts at SPS Plumbers:

  • Never grind potato peels as they are extremely starchy and they tend to clog your drain
  • Never grind banana peel as the fibres create clogs in the drain
  • Avoid putting coffee grounds and eggshells in the disposal; they create a very granular paste that is extremely bad for the garbage disposal. It sticks to the sludge inside the pipe and before long you would have a clog to deal with
  • It’s important that you shouldn’t put ground glass into the garbage disposal in an attempt to clean it. It doesn’t drain easily and the pipes won’t get cleaned with it either

Maintaining a clean & fresh garbage disposal isn’t very difficult:

  • Pour ½ a cup of vinegar and some baking soda into the garbage disposal each month; this helps get rid of the foul odours. You should turn off the unit and let this solution set well inside and let it foam before you drain it with some hot water.
  • Grind pieces of lemon and orange peels and some ice cubes in the garbage disposal on a regular basis.
  • Never use any bleaching agent to clean the unit. This is because the bleach only ends up hardening the grease inside the drain lines. Apart from this, it eliminates the important bacteria within the septic holding tank and this affects the septic system adversely.

How to keep you garbage disposal clog free

  • Flush down all the food waste with plenty of water on a regular basis. Let some water run down the drain for about 30 seconds after that as well.
  • De-grease all the dishes with normal dishwashing agents. The grease from your pots and pans tends to stick to the inside of the drain pipes and over time this creates a clog. If you don’t attend to this on a regular basis, the clog will become very stubborn and will block the entire drain.

Hire the services of a licensed plumber in Sydney

While it’s important that you do all these things on a regular basis, one of the simplest ways to ensure that your garbage disposal stays clog free is to hire the services of a local plumber for preventive plumbing maintenance. As part of the plan, the plumber will come in at pre-decided  intervals and ensure  that the garbage disposal and the drain  is cleared of all the grease and potential clogs are tackled expertly as well.

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