Hot Water Heaters- Problem Signs To Notice

Just like any other appliances in your home, hot water systems also need regular service and maintenance. It’s also important that you be wary enough to recognise problems in the system early and call in a licensed plumber in Sydney without delay to get the problem fixed. Addressing hot water problems as soon as you notice them helps prevent the problem from becoming aggravated and more expensive to fix.
The primary reason why most people find themselves dealing with major hot water system-related problems is because these systems are out of sight, which also makes them out of mind, until the time it fails entirely. And most homeowners also end up calling in a plumber only when there is an emergency. However, if you make it a point to get the system inspected regularly, to ensure its operating efficiently and optimally, that can help extend its working life and improve its efficiency as well; if any repair work needs to be done, that can be carried out in a timely fashion.
Signs that your hot water system may be flailing
Some of the warning signs to look out for:
• The water flowing from the faucets is brown in colour or rusty.
• The water looks like it has sediments or mud in it.
• The system is making popping/cracking sounds.
• Pilot light is extinguished and this occurs very often.
• The water gas a metallic/strange taste.
• There isn’t sufficient hot water coming out of the system.
• You notice water leaking from the heater.
• There are frequent temperature fluctuations
• There is a distinct variation in flow rate or water pressure.
• You run out of hot water too quickly.
We at SPS Plumbers can provide excellent hot water system maintenance services. If our experts notice any signs of a potential problem, you will be informed about it without delay and they will fix the minor issue before it transforms into a more severe one. We carry out minor maintenance two times a year and one more comprehensive service annually. A major service will be done once every five years which includes:
• Replacing the sacrificial anode
• Replacement of the pressure & temperature relief valves
• Checking whether the controls are working properly
We can fix all types of hot water heater problems. Our company has been operating in this field for a number of years and we know what it takes to provide custom solutions for all your plumbing problems. Only the best materials and spares will be used in the work and we provide guarantees for every job we handle for you. This provides you peace of mind that we will do the job right the first time around. While we never compromise on the quality of our work, you will find that we maintain very competitive pricing.
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