How A Professional Plumber In Sydney Handles Drain Block Problems

How A Professional Plumber In Sydney Handles Drain Block Problems

Sewer clogs can end up occurring at any point and when this happens, a considerable amount of water starts gathering in the sink. A plunger or drain snake may help clear the blockage, however it won’t be of much use if the problem is severe. To handle such situations consider calling in a skilled & licensed plumber in Sydney. They have the skill, knowledge and proper tools to handle such situations properly.

There are always a few warning signs before you are affected with a clogged sewer, and it rarely happens out of the blue. Often times, people ignore these signs and don’t pay attention when the water starts draining slowly from the sinks or shower areas. If you find yourself spending quite a bit of time unclogging drains throughout your house regularly, you may end up with a sewer blockage. These are signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Equipment That Plumbers Used To Clear Sewer Blocks

When you call in a 24/7 emergency plumber to handle the blockage, the experts use a specific process to ensure that the problem is taken care of in the best way possible. Here is a list of tools experts use to inspect and clear out a blockage:

  • Drain Camera- This tool is extremely useful and helps identify where exactly the block is located. The camera is lowered into the drain and the plumber watches the live video feed on a monitor above the ground. The experts will check whether there are any objects lodged in the pipes. In most cases, roots are the main culprit and cause major blocks.
  • Electric Eels- An electric eel is used to clear out the blockage once the plumber has identified its source. This is a steel tool with a cutter at the drain end. It is powered by an electric motor and cuts foreign objects like roots with ease. Some electric eels can easily reach a distance of 75 feet making it the ideal tool to cut large tree roots.
  • Hydro Jets- This is another effective tool for clearing sewers. Once all foreign objects like roots that were causing the block are cut into tiny bits, the hydro-jetter clears the entire blockage by pushing the bits through the drain.

If there are any cracks located on the pipe they have to be sealed off immediately as the roots can easily get into the pip through these cracks again. In the landscape, the area around the underground drain will be treated with a root growth- hampering agent, which reduces the chances of the root growing into the drainage pipes again.

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