How Blocked and Damaged Drains Are Fixed

How Blocked and Damaged Drains Are Fixed

Fixing any blocked drain on your property is a difficult job that requires the help of skilled technicians. Taking it up as a DIY project can do more harm than good. Hiring the services of a company like SPS Plumbers will help clear out blocked drains with ease. In order to complete the job in an effective and quick manner, different methods are used such as:

  1. Inspecting the Affected Area

It is one of the most important aspects while clearing blocked drains. The experts will conduct a detailed inspection of the blocked drains. A variety of tests are carried out, this helps them get a better idea of which area of the drain has been damaged.

  1. Details of the Work

The technicians will provide you with all necessary information regarding the drain’s condition. They will explain what is causing the problem and also a solution for it. You will be provided with a fixed quote that includes all methods used and the costs. This ensures you make a better decision.

  1. Repairs

Only once you have approved to hire the services, the technicians will commence the work on schedule. They will complete the task with efficiency without causing much disturbance to the daily activities at your home.

Use of the Most Advanced Equipment

The technicians will carry out the entire project through the use of the most advanced equipment. This improves the safety and efficiency of the project, ensuring it is completed in a timely manner. There are a number of different tools used such as:

  • A Water Jetter- In this method, a high-pressure pump is used to push down the debris. This helps clear blocks that are stuck. A variety of different nozzles are used depending on the size of the pipe and how severe the blockage is.
  • CCTV Drainage Cameras- This is one of the most effective equipment used to clear out blocked drains. A minute CCTV camera is fixed at the tip of the cable which is then inserted into the drain. The monitor above the ground helps the plumbers get a visual of the cause of the block which makes it easier to clear.
  • Pipe Relining- Many experts recommend the use of the pipe relining method in case the sewer pipe is damaged. A special PVC material is then inserted into the damaged area of the pipe which gives you a permanent drain with a seamless finish. This drain pipe repair process causes far less damage to your property.

Why Hire Our Services?

If you are looking for professionals for blocked drains, there are a number of reasons to opt for our services such as:

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