How Professional Plumbers Carry Out Washing Machine Installations

How Professional Plumbers Carry Out Washing Machine Installations

A washing machine is a very hardworking piece of equipment and in many homes, it sees everyday use, sometimes even multiple times a day. We depend on washing machines to wash our clothes and would be inconvenienced if it weren’t working as it should or if it stopped working entirely. While it’s important to have a good quality washing machine, it’s even more important to make sure you hire professionals for the installations and this is where we come in. We at SPS Plumbers are a leading plumbing company in Sydney and handle all types of large appliance installations including washing machines.

Professional Washing Machine Installation Services

A washing machine that has been installed properly will provide years of service if used carefully and maintained with regularity. We provide the best washing machine installation solutions and can install machines of different brands and models. Take a look at why it’s important that you hire professionals for this job:

  • Avoid leaks and flooding– It isn’t uncommon for flooding to occur in areas where there are washing machines. This typically happens because the installation has been handled shoddily and care hasn’t been taken to use good quality materials in the work. Its best to connect the drain hose to a dedicated drain as that helps ensure all the water is directed properly into the drains. But in some homes, this isn’t an option and alternative drainage options would have to be considered.
  • Installation of fixtures– We install the drains, taps and pipes required for the use of the washing machine.
  • Inspections and adjustments– Our team will inspect the washing machine and make the required adjustment to ensure its functioning well.
  • Relocation– If you are moving to a new home and need your washing machine installed there or even if you want to relocate the appliance in some other area of your home, we can handle the job for you.
  • Other checks- In addition to all these things, our professionals will also make sure that the water supply is adequate enough for the proper functioning of the machine. They will make sure the floor is stable and that the machine isn’t lopsided as that can affect its functioning.

We also recommend to our clients that they shouldn’t install the machine in a carpeted area. The carpet will settle under the weight of the appliance.  If there is a water leakage, or even flooding of water, it can ruin the carpet and cause damage to the base and flooring as well.

In short, we handle this job expertly, making sure that the washing machine is installed perfectly, on stable ground and that it is functioning as it should. We consider our work done only after proper testing of the washing machine.

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