Knowing When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Plumbing

Good quality plumbing systems can last for decades with the right kind of, timely maintenance. But these systems too come with an expiry date. If you live in a house with older plumbing installations or find some deterioration or problems in the installations of an older house you have just purchased, simply give SPS Plumbers a call. We are the local plumbing experts that can handle all types of plumbing problems. Not only do we provide excellent installation, repair and maintenance, but also offer customised plumbing upgrades and renovations solutions.
Signs That You Need A Plumbing Upgrade
Here are some common signs that you need a plumbing upgrade:
1. Discoloured water
If you find discoloured water coming out of the taps and showers, it could be an indication that you need to upgrade your home’s plumbing system. In some cases, minor repairs may fix the problem, but it’s important to call in a licensed plumber in Sydney for the job. The discoloured water is caused by rust. A large number of older homes have metal plumbing pipes and this tends to wear out over time.
The corrosion and rust causes the water to get a brownish colour. Blue or greenish water could mean there is a problem with the copper or brass plumbing installations. Black coloured water indicates a mould problem and you need to stop using the water immediately and call us without delay.
When you call us our team will visit your home and conduct a thorough check on all the plumbing installations to determine what is causing the problem. They will fix it using the best materials and tools in a very cost-effective manner. Modern PVC or Polyethylene pipes will be used to replace the older metal ones to solve this problem.
2. Water Pressure Problems
Low water pressure isn’t something people want to deal with. It’s unpleasant to live with and makes washing slower and harder too. Excessive water pressure isn’t a good sign either as that stresses the plumbing system, causing extensive damage to the hot water system and pipes.
Often times, these water pressure problems are an indication of problems with the pipes. A build-up inside the pipes can impede the water flow making it more difficult for water to pass through and this reduces the pressure.
Excessive pressure can often indicate there are problems with the pressure-limiting valves. We can check whether these problems exist in your plumbing system. Using the latest technology, tools and our vast knowledge, we will determine the exact cause of the hot water problems.
Don’t be bogged down by these types of plumbing problems. Call us for a complete inspection of the older plumbing installations in your home. For any information about our plumbing upgrade services, free to call SPS Plumbers on 02 9002 7332 and our email is You can also fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.