Shower & Bath Plumbing Fixtures To Improve Water -Efficiency

Water wastage and power wastage are some of the major modern day concerns. Both, water and electricity are limited resources which is why it makes sense to ensure we do our level best to conserve them. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment but will also save yourself some money on utility bills too. And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and install energy-efficient devices in your home. Today, there are a number of cost-effective installations that you can opt for to save water in the shower and bath plumbing fixtures on your property.

Shower and bath plumbing- save water using these simple tips

When it comes to water wastage, showers top the list and most people don’t realise exactly how much of water they use when they are showing or sinking into a tub of hot water. Here the experts at SPS Plumbers discuss some very simple ways in which you can improve the water-efficiency of your home:

  • Low- flow showerheads – One of the easiest and fastest ways to reduce water wastage in your home is to install aerators in your showerheads and faucets. These are a very simple attachment; they are small metal sleeves that reduce your water wastage by at least 4% on average. When you are installing a showerhead aerator, look for head units that have a flow rate of 1.5 gpm/less. In comparison to the standard regular 2.5 gpm head, these low flow attachments can save literally save thousands of gallons of water on an annual basis.
  • Low-flow faucets- You can add these fixtures to the faucets in your bathroom and other areas like the kitchen as well. They can be installed into the ends of the faucets themselves or as external attachments. While you will experience a drop in the water pressure, you will find that it saves you some money at the end of the month.
  • Intermediary water cut-off nozzle- This is one more way of reducing water wastage in the bath. This nozzle has to be fitted in between the showerhead and the pipe. This device gas a basic thumb turn mechanism which completely halts the water flow. This way you can soap up without actually wasting any water or even fiddling with the hot water control once you start the water.

Contact experienced professional plumbers

These are very simple ways in which you can improve the water-efficiency of your shower and bath plumbing installations. If you are planning on getting a bathroom remodel done, you may want to consider getting some of the latest energy-efficient bathroom and shower fittings installed. We can provide you all the information you need about the different types of fittings available and what their pros and cons are’ this will help you make a more well-informed decision about the type of installations you want in your home.

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