Signs That You Have a Pipe Leak in Your House

Signs That You Have a Pipe Leak in Your House

Tiny and minor leaks aren’t noticeable until your basement or house is eventually damaged. Looking out for signs of water damage on time can save you the trouble of conducting extensive repairs or renovating your house. Signs like water stains on walls or ceilings will be apparent if you have a leak in the plumbing fixtures of your house.

Hiring experts like the ones at SPS Plumbers on time can help stem the problem before the damage escalates. We provide Emergency Plumbing services and can fix any potential problem you are facing. Here are some signs of pipe leaks to look out for:

  1. Stains on the Ceilings

If you have a leak, the water will start accumulating and gets absorbed into your ceiling. This will cause small stains to appear & these stains keep growing until your ceiling is completely ruined. Pay attention to the edges where the ceiling and walls meet. Darker stains often indicate there is severe leakage.

  1. Floor Related Issues

Stains on your floor aren’t as noticeable as the ones on ceilings. However, what gives you a hint is that the flooring will feel a bit different. A leaking pipe first affects the walls and ceilings. Consider calling in an Emergency Plumber, before your floor starts getting spongy or soft. Another hint of a leak is when the floorboards or tiles start creaking or feel loose.

  1. Wallpaper Starts Peelings Off the Walls

If you notice your wallpaper peeling off in different places, it is an indication that water may have started leaking into walls. This moisture affects the adhesive, causing the wallpaper to weaken and eventually peel off completely. Place your hands on the walls of your house to check for moisture, ensuring you don’t have any leak.

  1. Musty Odour

Water starts to smell when it accumulates for a long period of time. A stronger odour, indicates a major leakage issue. You can prevent the smell using an air freshener. However, that isn’t a remedy for the problem. Call in an expert Emergency Plumber to fix the leak; this will also help get rid of the musty odour.

  1. Damage or Stain on Walls

Damaged paint or stains on your walls are indications of a busted or leaky pipe. If the damage occurs behind furniture, it can be difficult to spot. If you suspect any leakage, look once a week for signs of damage to the paint and other features.

Keeping these few points in mind the next time you face any water damage, can help you prevent it from escalating further. Call in our Emergency Plumber to fix any water leakage issues. We use the best equipment and complete the work in an efficient and timely manner.


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