The Importance of Getting a Leaking Water Meter Fixed on Time

A burst pipeline and leaking water meter can often result in excessively high water bills. Most homeowners don’t notice the indications that this problem exists until they get a very high a water bill at the end of the month. This is generally because your water meter is situated almost adjacent to your boundary’s water meter and the water pipes there are generally under the ground.

It can be challenging to determine whether there is a leak in the water meter, though burst pipes are more noticeable because you will notice a water pressure dip in your bathroom and kitchen sink. If you have noticed any of these signs it’s important that you call in a skilled and licensed plumber to address this problem and this is where we at SPS Plumbers, com in.

When the water meter work is being carried out, it’s important to be aware of who exactly has responsibility over the pipes and the meter itself. Often times the water meter is taken care of by the water company. But if it is beyond that point in your property, its maintenance and care becomes your responsibility; and if any water leaks or deterioration occurs, you would be responsible for fixing it.

While this is generally how things work when it comes to water meter maintenance, it’s important that you check with your water company whether this is the case. As a company that has been operating in this field for a number of years, we are aware of all the codes, rules and regulations for plumbing installations on residential and commercial properties and can also provide you some advice on the matter.

Timely repairs of leaking water meter

Once our plumbers have confirmed that fixing the leak is your responsibility, it’s important that you don’t delay getting the problem fixed.  Not only can the problem escalate and get out of hand quickly, but it may also be more expensive to fix at a later date. Aside from this, a leaking water meter or pipes also result in a significant amount of water wastage which adds up to your water bills. These are the steps we follow to fix the problem:

  • The plumber will thoroughly examine the water meter & adjacent pipes to identify the exact location of the leak.
  • If it is determined that fixing it is your responsibility, they will assess the damage.
  • Once we have understood what the scope of the project is, you will be provided an upfront quote and timeline for completion of the water meter repair work.
  • Once you have confirmed that you want the work done and approve the quote, we will complete the work at a time and date convenient to you.
  • Post completion of the work, we will inspect the meter as well as the water flow and test the system for leaks. Once we are satisfied that there is no leakage, we will consider our work done.

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