Backflow Prevention & RPZD Valves

Does your property require a backflow prevention device to be tested or installed?

Extensive experience

The team at Sydney plumbing specialists have had extensive experience with the all location sizes and installation required to ensure your water service complies with the relevant governing bodies you reside in. The team at Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists can assist with the following backflow prevention needs

Backflow prevention devices

Certain backflow prevention devices require a certain backflow prevention valve to be installed depending of the level of risk the area or location may have.

An assessment will be needed to be completed by our licensed staff member who has had extensive experience in installing and testing backflow prevention devices In Sydney

Backflow Prevention Services


Device Installation

Supply and installation of backflow prevention device installs ranging from 20mm-100mm in diameter



Annual testing of testable devices


Device Relocation

Relocation of your backflow prevention device

Australian & Sydney compliance

It is important all notices sent through by Sydney Water are attended too and the valves tested before the due date otherwise water to the premises will be restricted or disconnected

For all your backflow prevention supplies, installations and RPZD valves in Sydney, please call Sydney’s plumbing specialists today for advice and assistance as too how we can help and provide you long term solutions to your problems

This is a typical RPZD valve (high risk) we installed at a Sydney restaurant

Backflow Prevention Testing

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