Blocked Drains Sydney

Do you have a blocked drain? Or is your drain damaged or collapsed?

The team at SPS Plumbers have got you covered! Having operated for the past 15 years SPS Plumbers are specialists in repairing blocked drains in Sydney.

Whether you have any of the following problems, our team has the solution for you:

  1. Blocked Toilet Drain
  2. Blocked Sink Drain
  3. Blocked Shower Drain
  4. Blocked Sewer Drain
  5. Main Sewer line issue
  6. Invasive Tree Roots Collapsing your Drain
  7. Smelly Drains

Latest Blocked Drain Equipment In All Our Vehicles

We occupy the latest locating equipment as well as machines that deliver pressures of 5000Psi which will ensure your pipes, blocked toilets and drainage system is working adequately once we are completed with the works.

Our machines work at pressures over 5000 Psi so you can be sure all your tree roots, grease and build-up of oils are safely removed. This high-pressure machine will clean pipes ranging in sizes from 32mm to 225mm and will reach over 65m in length to ensure coverage in all necessary areas.

If you would like to know some of the most common reasons why we in Sydney get blocked drains, we have provided you with the most common 9 reasons why your drains are blocked and how to fix them.

We have also a Help Centre that is dedicated to provide all consumers interesting and useful information. This has saved thousands of dollars and helps maintain your property to avoid further blockages. If you have an emergency plumbing issue please contact us immediately on: (02) 9002 7332.

Below are a number of key factors which contribute in causing pipes being blocked.

Blocked Drain in Sydney

A belly is where a section of the pipework caves in at a certain section due roots getting into the pipe or the pipe not being adequately supported.


Dislocated joints are a major issue which cause blocked drains and is more common in old vitrified clay pipework. This is where a joint misaligns from its required position allowing tree roots to get into the pipework and cause serious blockages.


Tree roots are the number one source of blocked drains. Once tree roots get into your pipework they will grow and eventually cause major issues with your pipework if not attended to immediately. Our machines have the capability to ensure we get rid of stubborn roots that have been growing in your pipework.

A series of steps are also carried out to locate the initial cause of the blockage:

1. Clearing the blockage with our high pressure drain cleaners

2.  The use of a CCTV camera after the blockage has been cleared. This will allow us to understand why the blockage was caused in the first place and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

3.  The more information we gain the better! We are happy to communicate with our customers to gain a better understanding of what may have caused the blockage in the first place. We will also provide free advice and feedback on sustaining blocked free drains.



Our machines operate at pressures of 5000 Psi ensuring all blockages are cleared fast.


Cmera Imspections of Blocked drains

We use the latest equipment in trying to get to the source of the problem fast without wasting any time. Our cameras have an electronic sond on the end of the camera which allows us to locate the source of the problem underground at a fast pace essentially saving you money. You may be asking what the benefit of having locaters with sonds are. It’s simple, this allows us to pin point the exact source of the problem and eliminates playing the guessing game which in the end will save you money is labour time trying to find the issue.

Below are some photos of tree roots that have grown in a residential sewer as well as main sewer repairs which were carried out at a property at Bexley North.

Blocked drains - Roots Discovered in a house call

Roots discovered in a residential house service


Blocked drains main sewer replacement

Main sewer replacement


Ask us about our root clearing products today! ROOTX KILLS ROOTS DEAD!

Rootx Blocked drain cleaner to remove tree roots

Rootx Formula

Blocked drain clearing using Rootx products

These are some of results of this amazing product.


For all your drainage and blocked drains needs please call 1300 720 681.


We occupy the latest locating equipment as well as machines that deliver pressures of 5000Psi which will ensure your pipes, blocked toilets and drainage system is working adequately once we are completed with the works.
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Date Published: 03/02/2016
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