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Household appliances are an integral part of modern life. A gas stove is one of the indispensable types of household appliances, without which it is difficult to imagine your life. There are several types of plates: gas, electric and even combined, of which gas – the most difficult to install and maintain, require increased safety and care during operation. If you need to connect a gas cooker, then it’s better to turn to professional services, because this requires serious skills and qualifications.

Installing a gas stove might not be as easy as it looks, you need to have someone who pays close attention to detail. If some important steps are overlooked, the home could be filled quickly with gas, which is toxic to humans and animals and could explode very easily with the slightest spark of electricity. SPS Plumbers is offering to install a gas stove to be safe for extended use for years to come.

SPS Plumbers to install your gas stove

Sydney Plumbing Specialists is a company located in the heart of Sydney and is a leader in all areas of plumbing, draining and gas fitting. We can guarantee a safe installation of your gas stove in your kitchen. We possess the experience and knowledge and have served hundreds of households over the years. Our technicians will start by locating the gas line in the room. In some homes, the gas line will be a corrugated hose coming out of the wall with a shut-off valve. In other houses, it could be seen as a tube with a lid and a valve. However, if there are no gas lines, we can install one as well.

If the replacement of the gas model of the cooker in the kitchen is carried out simultaneously with the repair of the room, it may be necessary to move it to another location. It is important to observe the following rules for installing the slab:

1.    The maximum permissible distance from the instrument to the gas supply pipe is 4 meters, ideally not more than 2 meters.

2.    The room must have a high-quality exhaust ventilation.

3.    Modern units contain the functions of electric ignition and lighting of the oven, so you need to provide a nearby grounded outlet.

Before installing the new gas stove, we need to dismantle the old one and evaluate the future scope of work. Also, we need to estimate the list of required tools and materials which won’t be a problem because we always come with fully equipped vehicles. Dismantling the gas stove with the subsequent installation of a new one is not very difficult, but it also requires strict adherence to safety regulations which SPS Plumbers are very well aware of.

The last point is checking both connections for leaks, which is carried out with a soap solution. In this case, a thick foam is applied abundantly to the joints (with a brush or hand) and the gas supply tap is opened on the lower part. If bubbles appear at the junction, the tap is closed and the defective connection is reworked. If the surface remains flat, there is no gas leakage, which means that the new gas stove is installed correctly.

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With more than 15 years of experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can trust us for your next project. We provide a professional in renovation and installation with the objective of satisfying the client.

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All our budgets are designed to be made with the best materials and even then we get very competitive prices in the market. If you need a budget for any work or plumbing fault call us now. We are professional plumbers and we offer a trustworthy service.

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