Natural Gas Installation

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Thinking about getting a gas meter installed at your property? The teams at Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists have licensed gas fitters and have had over 15 years’ experience in Natural Gas Installations and repairs.

Our team will provide you with all the necessary steps needed to apply for a gas meter and the process involved with running piping to appliances around the house.

Common Gas issues that we have repaired and assisted to:

  • 24/7 emergency Gas leaks and leak detection
  • Gas heating from both room heaters or hot water heaters
  • Installation of appliances such as gas ovens and cooktops
  • Gas meter installation and relocating
  • Gas Conversions for BBQ’S

Important Tip: If you smell the smallest amounts of gas you should immediately contact us on 1300 720 681 and we will advise you on the necessary steps you may need to undertake to ensure a safe environment. Where possible you should turn off the gas meter and open as many doors as possible to allow for adequate ventilation. We will also arrange for a site inspection to occur.


Natural Gas

Natural Gas - SPS Plumber
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Date Published: 03/02/2016
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