Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repairs

People take toilets for granted. They don’t understand just how important and convenient they are until they’re unable to use one. Unfortunately, damaged or blocked toilets are all too common and can disrupt your entire day. People who have multiple toilets in their home are lucky; and don’t need to immediately repair the damaged one. However, people who have only one toilet will be in trouble and need immediate help. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. Just call us at SPS Plumbing and our plumber will be at location as soon as he can for toilet repair.

What are The Common Toilet Problems?

Toilets are surprisingly sophisticated and complex. For them to work properly, several components must be in place and have to operate in-sync with each other. While most toilets will function well and do their jobs for a very long time, some do fail. This is because users don’t usually follow the proper guidelines and use their toilets carefully. Fortunately, almost all toilet problems can be easily and quickly repaired, including:

  • Leaking Toilet – Leaking toilets can be a nuisance because they can lead to high amounts of water wastage. After all, in a leaky toilet, the water will continue to flow until the problem is fixed. This leads to inflated water bills and heightened expenses, which is why you should call in the professionals promptly after you discover the leak.
  • Water on the Floor – Water on the floor is also a sign of a leak, but this needs to be addressed quickly. That’s because if you don’t, the water can seep past the tiles and reach the subfloor.
  • Toilet Won’t Flush – If the toilet doesn’t flush, there’s a problem with the flush tank mechanism and that should be repaired immediately.
  • Toilet Doesn’t Flush Completely – This is usually because of a slack in the flush’s lift chain, low water level, or incorrect installation of the flapper.
  • Slow-Filling Toilet – This happens when the toilet doesn’t receive adequate amount of water. We usually check the water supply as well as the valve parts present in the violet.

Other common problems include stuck toilet handle, noisy toilet, toilet clogs and blockages, etc. Our experts can easily deal with all of these issues and make sure your toilet works well once again.

How Do We Repair Toilets?

Every toilet problem has a different kind of solution and our plumbers take care to understand the problem well at first. Once they’re certain about the cause, they’ll offer a solution and tell you what it might cost. This initial quote is very accurate because we charge by the job and not by the time taken to complete the job. After you’ve approved of the quote and hired us, we conduct the repairs within that same day if possible.

If you have any questions about our toilet repair services or want a free no-obligation quote, just get in touch with us at SPS Plumbers. Our number is 02 9002 7332 and our email is You can also fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.